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Lieber mit dem alten Partner etwas Neues, als mit einem neuen Partner wieder das Alte!

Empowerment: Network Partnerschule e.V.

The interpretation of the empirical data shows that in the long run the program gains positive profits especially regarding the competence for a relationship, and the getting along with each other which are higher than the so far investigation have shown. In the investigated time highly positive developments of the clients were drawn especially regarding the over all partnership satisfaction and the ability to solve conflicts and differences constructively. It seems therefore that stimulates changes which partly develop after the therapy.

This seems plausible since some of the clients still meet with each other after the group sessions to spend leasure time together, to spend time with their kids or for intensive talks. helps to built up or to extent social networks which probably have a bigger range than it would have been through single or couple therapy because the problemsolving strategies and communication competences can be tried in every day life. The need of the clients to transfer the solidarity which they experienced in the group to their every day life reflects the association which was founded by former clients in may 2000 Netzwerk e.V.

Meanwhile more than 140 former clients and still acitve clients belong to the network. On the one hand the initiators of the association want to give financial support for couples and families with a lower income which can`t afford a couple therapy. On the other hand they want to give a possibility to get in touch with others and support each other. Through the therapeutic work in the groups they probably felt competent in questions of Love, Partnership, Marriage, Raising of children and so on each of them different and unique. They experienced that if abilities and potentials come together they complete each other and the result can be a gain for all participants. Through this, selfinterests and public welfare get connected which sometimes seem to be opposites but in their core are the basis for each neighbourhood help and christian communities.

Politically the combination of both attitudes are the main source of todays civil engagement. All participants gain courage for their life, to create and master the every day life detailed description of this network was currently published in an honorary engagement of the christian congregation.(Hunstig & Bogner, Eberts 2004).

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