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Lieber mit dem alten Partner etwas Neues, als mit einem neuen Partner wieder das Alte! as an answer

The results of the questionnaires and research led to the following conception for

  • Couples want to learn how to live in marriage and as a family.

  • They want to know about the different forms of their unique sexuality.

  • New networks with friends and neighbours seem indispensable for the partnership.

Necessary is room to learn exactly this, where they can experience each other as competent partners.

What is there to learn in

The following competences for partnership are transferred:

Clients learn to relax, to perceive themselves. Only through relaxation they can look accurately at their lives and can plan changes.

Develop their own status – selfacceptance and selfcare
They learn to concentrate on themselves. Ways are shown to accept and trust themselves.

To express emotions
They learn to expand their emotional spectrum and find the right expression for them. To say yes and no. They learn to define and „No“ and to draw a line to themselves and their partner.

To trust
By experienceing how to stand on their own feed, they can now learn to entrust themselves to others and to trust others. With this experience it is possible to be a support to others.

They learn to give up on others and to let themselves fall.

To create aggression
Aggression is a main equipment of our being. Clients learn to be aware of them and out of this to use them and to avert them.

To explore ways of expressions and to talk about them
Through the use of clay and colours they explore a nonverbal expression for unutterable things. This way they have a chance to talk with their partners.

Speaker / Listener Technique
With the prevention and relationship enhancement program (EPL) couples learn to communicate and listen most effectivly (Black, Engl & Thurmaier 2001, Braukhaus 2002).

To represent themselves
In the frame of group work they receive the courage to present their abilities to the other group members. They experience praise and appreciation from the others and how to express it to others.

In the group clients experience how to cooperate with others, he cooperation with others in the group by working with others in a group clients experience the how of cooperation. They experience solidarity and that they are competent partners.

To spend leasure time with each other and to celebrate

Transfer of knowledge is also called client school which means concrete transfer of knowlege.
The following informations are transferred:

- Foundation of the chaos theory
- The origin of trouble, the meaning of interaction.
- Informations on historical changes in the predomination of men in partnership and marriage
- The exploration of why the victim makes someone a perpetrator.

Linking seminars

Partnerschule is mostly a counselling in and with groups. There are three types of seminar: The basic-course (6 days), the explore of sensuality and sexuality (3 weekends) and a couple intensive training of communication and interaction (14 days).

The meaning for afflicted children

Parents get the possibility to take their children with them. Someone takes care of them during the sessions. In the childrens groups activities and the caring of the group leaders are in the foreground and the problems of the parents are in the background. This procedure is more effective than groups where families are asked to talk only. The project Deutschen Arbeitskreises für Jugend-, Ehe- und Familienberatung (DAK) zur Gewaltprävention Bestandsaufnahme von Modellen der Erziehungs und Familienberatung zur Förderung einer gewaltfreier Erziehung chose the model of as a model (Sanders 2001)

The average of children lies by 12 in the age of a few days up to 16 years. To show a summarized effectiveness of the procedure intra group effectivness study(IGES) was evaluated too. IGES is determined by the mean of the pre and post difference whereas the scattering is used as the standard base for pre and post values. The calculation of effects gives the advantage to compare standardized proportions and makes a comparison between different studies possible. Cohen (1988) determines an effecincy of .40 are low and.80 are high; whereas an effectiveness of .41 bis .79 have a medium effect.

Our offers

One of the few therapists, who offer Partnerschule in English, is Anna Gossen. Mis Gossen  has  her Master of Arts in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and has been licensed by the Board of Behavior Sciences in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has returned to Germany in 2003. She got licensed as a Partnerschule trainer in 2007 and has been using the concept of Partnerschule in her practice at the Academy of Education and Counseling and since February 2008 in her private counseling practice “Life in Balance” at the Family Center Hackenberg in Bergneustadt NRW. She counsels and does workshops in German, English and Russian. For more information you can contact Mis Gossen personally.

Life in Balance

Löhstr. 20

51702 Bergneustadt/Hackenberg

Tel.      02261.45461

Tel./Fax 02261.500947

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